Hellen’s Story



Hellen at Naikkara Boarding School

Hellen at Naikkara Boarding School

Hellen was forcefully married off to a man she did not know and did not want. Since she refused to walk the father and other elders tied her hands and legs and ordered young men to carry her to her husband’s house. The mother reported the abuse to the police and the police started a search for her. The man who had married her went into hiding and also took the girl to a village far from his. Hellen remained locked up for three days. She refused to eat anything. On the third day she managed to escape at night to the local police station. The police took her to the Children’s Department. The children’s Department moved her to Mission With A Vision safe house. We thank African Children’s Haven (USA) for supporting her to return to school.
She is currently at Naikkara Boarding School,Standard 7.