Josephine Needs a Sponsor for College

Josephine would like to study Wildlife Management at college and avoid an arranged marriage. Donate through the donate button above even a small amount will help reach our goal.
Many of you have expressed the desire to help out but have commitments to other charities, or do not have the means to commit to the full sponsorship of a girl. As a community we might raise funds to help Josephine enter college this spring. Here is her story:

“Josephine joined primary school later than other children because her father had refused to take her to school. One day she just woke up and followed other girls to school. She is very bright and remained at the top of her class from grade one to grade eight. When she did her final primary school examination she emerged in the top of her school. However, her father had already been paid her bride price and so she was to get married. “Mission With a Vision” came to her rescue and took her to high school. She completed her high school last year and her father tried once again to get her married off. She is determined to continue to college. She has promised to pay back the bride price when she completes her college degree. She hopes to pursue a degree in Wildlife Management at the university. She is currently living at the safe house as she cannot return home until she graduates or has an agreement with her parents.”

In Kenya the university has two semesters. The fees are about $1000 per semester, and admission for college is in April. The fees include food and accommodations.

Donations for Josephine are collected by African Children’s Haven. You can click the donate button above. Any amount will be so helpful, so do not hesitate if you can only give $5 or $10! If you would like to sponsor Josephine for the entire amount please email Patrick Ngigi at The pro

Josephine at the safe house.