“Mission With A Vision” would like to extend their gratitude to the many people world wide who have contributed their time, caring and experience.

The contributions of our volunteers who have visited or lent their time from afar have made a huge difference in the lives of many girls and young women.

100% of financial contributions go to the safe house, education funds, and well being of the girls and young women.


Thank-you to the following organizations for providing support.

  • African Children Haven (USA)
  • Cedarburg United Methodist Church, Wisconsin (USA)
  • Educate Kenya (USA)
  • First Congregational Church of Plymouth
  • Jerusalem Fellowship (UK)
  • “Kenyan Mission” United Methodist Church (USA)
  • Kenya education fund ( KEF)
  • Kenya Airways, Kenya
  • Mission Direct
  • Narok Children’s Office, Kenya
  • New Jerusalem Fellowship (UK)
  • Nomadic Kenya children education fund (NKCEF USA)
  • Terryville Congregational Church (USA)
  • Opportunity Fund for Developing Countries (USA) (since 2000)
  • Peace Corps (USA)

Our appreciation also goes to all those individuals that have supported “Mission With A Vision” to keep children in school. We might not be able to mention all your names but we value your support.

As you can see, the money sent to “Mission With A Vision” is well spent. Every pound counts and every penny you send goes to the charity, as all the work done is voluntary. Email me and I will happily give you more information.
-Anne Roebuck, Chairwoman

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