Dorcas’ Story


18 years; Form three: Support given by “African Children’s Haven”
I am a Christian and I don’t believe in FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). I told my father I don’t want to undergo it but he said it is a must. I said no. On 13 December when I was sleeping he came with my uncles and tied me up. I was taken to another house and tied against the wall. The woman who circumcises girls came in with a knife and I have never felt the pain like the pain I felt. I screamed and screamed but the women who where present were just insulting me and saying I was a disgrace to the clan and that they had to make me a woman. After the painful exercises, I was taken bleeding to my step-mothers house. For the first time I asked myself if my mother was alive would they do this to me?

We loved our mother and we miss her very much. The other wife of my father does not like us and does not want our father to give us food. Our father beats us every time he is told anything by my step-mother. We still stay in our late mothers house but my father rarely comes to our house. In February we suffered so much because I had refused to be married off and reported my step-mother to the police.

I took my sister and we run away to the church. The pastor took us to Mission With A Vision office in Narok. We are happy here and we are back in school. One day I want to be an administrator and help other girls in need.

Through the support and encouragement that she has received from the organization, Dorcas has managed to successfully clear her primary school education. She is now a Form 3 student at St. Mary’s Girls High School.