Grace K.’s Story

Grace helping mother and baby.

We thank Gill piper for supporting Grace through high school.

My name is Grace K. I grew up in Majengo slums and went to the local slums school. It was a great struggle for us to stay alive. My mother sold tea and Madazi to people in order to make ends meet. My father had deserted us many years ago and I am happy my mother struggled so much. When I graduated from primary I thought that was the end of my schooling. I was admitted to one of the top high school in the country. I was so happy to get the admission but my joy faded away when my mum said there was no way she could afford such a school. Luckily for me one of the teachers knew Patrick and Knew she was helping girls. She approached him on my behalf. You can Imagine How happy I was when Mission With A Vision wrote to my mother stating they would support me through school.

Now I am a nurse and giving back to my society. I am doing what I loved most. I thank all those who have stood by me to make me what I am today. My plan is to support my community and also give hope to other needy girls like me.
I am happy that someone stood by me when I was in need and I hope people will continue standing by other girls in Maasai community so they are not married off early or do not have to go through FGM.

– Grace K.

Grace K is now married and has two beautiful children.

Grace in the office.