Rachael’s Story

Rachael teaching in the classroom.

We thank Nomadic Kenyan Children Education Fund for supporting Rachael in high school and OFDC for supporting her in college.


Its been a long journey for me but I must appreciate God so much and all those who gave a hand to see me through my education to this level. Before I joined high school I was a hopeless person with no idea about how my future will be like. I had lost hope of continuing with my education although I did well in my primary education. I was sure I was going to be married off. It was a dream come true when I got a scholarship through Mission With A Vision. From there there was no looking back.

With my graduation as a teacher things will change for the better .I am now in a position to help my little siblings and the needy in the society given that the girl education is not valued much in my community.

I am grateful given that this will be my stepping stone to a great future that am looking forward to. I am now teaching and at least I am in a position of raising enough money for my basic needs and that of my siblings given that they are still young and my family is very poor. I know without support I would have been married off many years ago. I am so happy that someone sacrificed his/her hard earned dollar to see me through school. I plan to make a difference in my society.

Teaching is fun and I do enjoy it given that I get to interact with many students from different back grounds and religion. It serves as an avenue for me to encourage them to take serious their studies for a better future.

I am so happy that my future is bright .Thank you so much.
– Rachael I.

It has been almost three years now since Rachel graduated from college. She is now a deputy principal at Saile High School. She is happy to announce that she can now comfortably make positive contributions to the society using her profession.

Rachel at the school where she teaches.