What Your Money Buys

Safe House Funds

Even a little can help us keep the safe house operating and help us with supplies and food for the girls and young women in our care. No amount is too small.

100% of all money raised will go to the fund. Absolutely nothing will be taken out for administration or anything else!

  • $2 will buy sanitary supplies for a girl for one month.
  • $7 could provide long lasting nets to prevent malaria.
  • $100 will provide a meal for all the girls at the safe house for a day.
  • $100 will provide much needed clean water for the girls for two weeks.
  • $60 will provide a much needed pair of school uniform and shoes for a primary school girl.
  • $100 for a pair of uniform for a high school child.
  • $1000 could provide a school with a water catchment to serve 300 children.

Sponsoring a Child’s Education

Primary Boarding School

  • $350 [Primary Boarding School] to cover fee, transport to school; and a one-time fee for $75 for school supplies.

High School

  • $600 to cover boarding, transport; and a one-time fee for $200 for school supplies.

College or University

  • $1000 – $2000, depending on the program and school, and a fee for $300 for school supplies for each year.