A truck to help out.

We have started growing our own food to prepare a way where the safe house will eventually be self-sufficient. We believe although this goal might take many years we eventually will be able to have the safe house capable of supporting itself through income generating activities. We have leased a 4 acre piece of land where we have installed storage tanks and laid pipes from a nearby river. We are using a pump to pump water into the tanks then distributing it to crops through overhead irrigation. So far we have planted and harvested beans. We hope to harvest maize and cabbages soon. We also have ready kale, onions and tomatoes. We thank all those who helped to put up the system.

We hope to put up a greenhouse to grow the tomatoes because the birds are eating them up even before they ripen up well for picking. Also a greenhouse will produce better quality tomatoes. We are looking for funds for this.

The vehicle has been of great help not only in the girls rescue mission but also in transporting the girls to school and back. It is also being used to transport produce from the farm to the safe house.


Vegetables on the farm.

Beans and rice!

The Enkishon farm has been successful in this year, growing food that has been used in the safe house.