Progress at the Enkishon Farm

As a non-profit organization, we understand that ensuring self-sustenance plays a great role in securing our continuity. As such, we came up with several income generating projects at our local farm to help with this cause. Overall, MWV believes that our income generating projects at the farm will not only provide food for the girls at the Safe House, but also generate enough income to support important operations at the rescue centre.

Dairy Farm Unit

We are pleased to announce that we now have 3 dairy cows at the farm. The dairy cow project started off with two Fresian cows, but has since yielded a healthy calf. We expect to have another calf by mid 2017.

Chicken Project

Our chicken project has proved to be the most profitable of all the income generating projects. Currently, we have 128 chicks, and 70 mature hens that produce eggs sold at our local markets. The eggs produced also supplement the girls’ diet at the Safe House, and the excess is sold to generate income used to buy basic necessities for the girls.

Other Projects

With the help of our friends and supporters, we now have 10 pigs, 60 rabbits, 4 beehives and 1200 fingerlings in our fish pond. We also recently purchased 3 ducks for our budding duck project, and built a farm manager’s house with the help of the Mission Direct Team. Our vegetable farm is also doing much better than before. We have just finished finished planting sukuma wiki (kale), spinach, carrots and onions in preparation for the rainy season.

MWV is very grateful to our friends and well-wishers for supporting our farm projects. We know full well that we would not have made it this far without your help. Asante Sana!


Girls fishing at the fish pond

Girls fishing at the fish pond


Rabbits at the farm


The Beehive


The chicken project


The dairy farm unit