Statement of Work for Volunteer

Mission with a Vision is located in Narok, Kenya. It is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization. We are registered as an NGO in the Republic of Kenya. The organization was started in 1997 as a community-based organization fighting to stamp out female genital mutilation and forced early marriage primarily for Maasai girls although we provide services to anyone in need. In addition, on rare occasions the Safehouse accepts orphans and those who live in extreme poverty. In 2005, the Safehouse was built with the help of donations from several generous funders. Currently, we have plans to expand the living areas, which include building a larger kitchen, dining facility, a library, and larger dormitories.

We are looking for someone with good computer and office management skills to serve as an assistant to the Director. The position is located at the Safehouse which serves as a home for the rescued girls as well as the home of the Director and his family.  While we are willing to negotiate a stay of under 4 weeks, we would prefer someone who is able to commit to at least two months or longer.

Your lodging and food will be provided by Mission with a Vision. The Volunteer will live on-site and have a small private room furnished with a twin bed, bedside table, and closet. While simple, the living situation is adequate. There is running water and electricity, as well as a flush toilet. Cooking is done by a charcoal cooker and meals are served family style in the living area with the girls, the Director, and his family. The meals are cooked by the girls. A typical lunch or dinner may include spaghetti, cooked cabbage with carrots, rice and beans, a variety of greens, and occasionally chicken or beef.  There are chickens on site so eggs are readily available and breakfast may be an omelet with tomato, toast, and grilled sausage. Snacks include apples, oranges, and bananas. As a Volunteer, you are expected to eat what is served at the Safehouse and special meals are not provided. If you have special food needs this may be worked out in advance with the Director although you may be asked to provide funds for the purchase of your special diet. There is a television in the living area as well as a microwave and toaster. Bathing facilities are basic using a bucket with warm water, heated on the charcoal cooker. It is possible to bring a simple solar shower which can be purchased in most camping stores. This shower will be for your use only.

There is a car on site and trips to town to purchase supplies for the Safehouse are made several times per week. This is an opportunity to buy personal supplies as well as see the town of Narok.  It is also possible on weekends to go on a game safari since the location of the Safehouse is very near the Maasai Mara National Park. These excursions will be at your own expense.

You will need to pay for your travel to and from Nairobi. The Director will pick you up at the Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi and take you by private transport to Narok.  The trip takes from 2-3 hours and you travel over the Rift Valley Escarpment, one of Kenya’s most scenic sights.

Dress is informal yet it is important to bring conservative clothing. The girls wear skirts that cover the knee and blouses, rarely pants yet pants are certainly acceptable as are long shorts.  Patrick, the Director, wears casually clothing at the Safehouse and slacks and shirts when he travels into town or for business appointments.

At any time, there may be 3 to 26 rescued girls in the home. When the number increases, there is, of course, more activity and general noise, as well as, less space for privacy.  Living in the Safehouse is quite informal and the girls are eager to get to know visitors. The atmosphere is welcoming and you will be encouraged to become part of the household although you are certainly able to establish a routine and spend as much time as you feel comfortable in the group living situation.

If you would like further information, contact the Director Patrick Ngigi and he will answer any questions you may have, as well as, provide contact information for past volunteers. Thank you considering Mission With A Vision for your Volunteer experience and we hope to see you here in the future. Asante Sana!


  • Day to Day Office Activities (data input, filing, marketing, communications with sponsors and donors, etc.)
  • Set Up a Computer Software Program for Non-Profits to organize management of sponsors, funding, donations and communications
  • Use the Software Program for organizing financial records and setting up payment due dates
  • Provide guidance to director regarding how to use and update the Software Program
  • Create a detailed filing system for each girl or boy supported by Mission With A Vision (both electronic and hard copy files)
  • Maintain this filing system as information may change
  • Correspond with Sponsors regarding payments and other information as needed
  • Send out tax receipts for each U.S. donation and other countries as required
  • Develop a strategic plan each quarter addressing long term and short term goals
  • Help the girls with applications to college and possible exchange programs
  • Be able to communicate with the girls regarding their profiles and stories
  • Assist the Director in writing proposals for funding and applications for donations
  • School visit to check on progress of the girls who are in boarding schools.
  • Help the girls at the Safehouse learn how to use a computer.
  • Represent the director in school meetings when he is not available