Appreciation to the Peace Corp volunteers and the USA Government

We wish to thank our returned Peace Corp volunteers for the great work that they have done. We appreciate Megan Browder’s support in setting up the women village and savings program and also her commitment to training the women on good business practices. We appreciate the hours she spent with the girls and the safe house and her commitment to training them on life skills. We also give her credit for strengthening our donor reporting strategies and bookkeeping skills. We appreciate Brian’s commitment to the health education for the people of Sekenani. We appreciate his support by taking time to work once a week at the Sekenani Health Centre and appreciate his work at Osiligi school. We thank him for supervising the building of four teacher’s houses to completion.

Finally, our thanks is to the USA government and the Peace Corp office for giving us volunteers and for the American tax payers for supporting this volunteers to come and help in our country. Thanks you so much.