Farming Project

New section cleared on the farm. The farm has been named “Enkishon Farm.” In order to reduce dependence on donor funding for the running of the safe house, Mission with a Vision has started a farming project to grow as much food as possible. With support from various donors Mission with a Vision was able to install and irrigation system fully equipped with a pump on a 4 acre piece of land.

We are now growing maize, beans, tomatoes, onions, cabbages, kale, spinach, watermelons and potatoes on this piece of land. We hope this will enable us to cut our food cost by half within the next year. We are looking for a donor to help us buy some heifers for milk production. This will enable us to further cut cost and possibly have milk that we could sell to buy other needed thing like sanitary needs for the girls.

Since the farm project was started in 2012, the farm has greatly increased in production. Several projects have been successfully started and completed, including: the greenhouse project, dairy cows project, and the electric solar fence surrounding the farm.